Punky lady

Here is a doodle I did a while ago which I’ve been meaning yo upload. I wanted to make a larger version and paint it but I struggled to recreate it so I decided to neaten up the original in good old photo shop. I am working on a wee bit of art lately and it’s going pretty well. Recently been working quite a lot and I’ve been very unwell but hoping to get past it soon!


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Fundraising poster




Here is an image I did and made into a poster for my fundraiser http://justgiving.com/burritosquadlaura for the forest cafe! First post in a while enjoy, hopefully there will be more work up soon 🙂




















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Hello hello!

Hello everyone, I’ve been moving and applying for jobs and the like so I’ve been lacking in uploads. Hoping to get some photos of recent doodles up soon but I thought I’d link to this interesting note on Central Station about business cards, it also featured a picture of my business card with my librarian image so I was really pleased to be featured!

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Experimenting with updating on my phone while in London. Here is ny space in the d&ad new blood exhibition. A.cheeky snippet. If you are around the Brick Lane area you should up and take a look.

Post degree show has been a bit crazy with sorting out flats and preparing for the show in London. Looking forward to trying to relax a little before I have to get moving with moving my stuff over. I applied for the.student prize at cromarty arts trust which looks like a great opportunity though there.will be a lot of competition.

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New Online Shop

I now havea brand new shop! It’s got some brand new prints and fun things to come. Please check it out!

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The Victorian Chaise-Longue by Marghanita Laski

Quick update from myself, mainly I have been doing some painting and a lot of thinking about what to do next. Taking on a creative career is risky so it is how I am going to balance it with a more day-to-day job to earn money to survive and how best to do that. Apart from that I’ve been enjoying catching up with friends over a cup of tea and cake and preparing for the degree show which is open from next weekend (you should come it will be awesome).

We were set a project to be involved with a small exhibition as part of the West Port Book Festival that goes on every year around the Grass Market area in Edinburgh, which is very close to my college. The Main Point book shop gave us some random books and we choose one from a brown envelope and had to make work responding to the books.

The Victorian Chaise Longue is about a woman who clings to male dominated work, she’s a fairly spineless character who is recovering from TB she falls asleep on the chaise-longue and wakes up in a nightmare where she is another woman who is dying from TB. I was going to show one as a more nightmarish element but I liked the simplicity of the image I kept it as it was, we also had to design a bookmark which I shall publish another day!

As ever, thank you for stopping by!

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Degree Show

It has been a long and hectic week but the degree show is finally up. Here is me adding some finishing touches to the board. I’m really happy with how it looks and everyone else’s boards look amazing to0. I think it’s going to a great show. The show opens in the second week of June and I will post some more details soon!

Now it’s up to the Illustration gods what I get for my degree, but now I explore a little bit of that loose end feeling but I am happy and feel I’ve done some good work this year and looking forward to the things to come. I am really going miss my illustration classmates I will have to keep up with them through the internet-atron. Well done everyone and I hope you get the grades you deserve!

Thank you as ever for stopping by!

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