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                                            I have been working on some bits and bobs lately and here is a wee peek at one … Continue reading

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  Recently I’ve been doing stuff for Samhuinn festival, which marks the end of summer and the beginning of winter, this is part of my design for a banner I painted which will I will post shortly!

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Death of summer

  Very quick drawing, Autumn seems the perfect time for bleak imagery, something I actually really enjoy doing, this was about summer the spirit of summer, some of it’s beauty retained in Autumn but eventually has to accept death. It is also … Continue reading

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New Website

  I finally sorted out my website, please visit it at!  

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Adventures of Davis & Armstrong – St Andrews edition

I recently took a trip to St Andrews with my good friend Laura Davis doing some of that drawing goodness. There was  lots of fun things to see and do like fish shops, curiosity shops, ruins and ice cream. It was … Continue reading

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  So it has been a while, but here is a wee painting I’ve been working on. I guess I’ve been feeling a bit stuck, hoping to continue being unstuck and start getting down to some art work. A Rocket? … Continue reading


Unsavoury Gentleman

Here is an image I drew recently of a rather creepy looking  man, he came about after I found a face in a sketchbook of another crinkly lipped creepy and I decided to try drawing a few more, this one … Continue reading

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