Adventures of Davis & Armstrong – St Andrews edition

I recently took a trip to St Andrews with my good friend Laura Davis doing some of that drawing goodness. There was  lots of fun things to see and do like fish shops, curiosity shops, ruins and ice cream. It was good to get out drawing again as it had been a while since I ventured out of the city let alone to draw. The weather was very windy and a little chilly, I still managed to get a big of sun burn though!

Here is a painting I did near the cathedral, it is ruined and it was fun chilling out by the grave stones doing this doodle, lying on the grass lazing while waiting for the paint to dry.

This lady looked like a tourist with her camera, she was wearing a very bright waterproof outfit and wearing a yellow canvas bag, I had to make a wee doodle of her.

This gentleman insect with a pocket watch and bird legs seems a bit blue, he has got his bowler hat on to protect himself from the rain. This was a spot of Laura Davis attacking my page with a bit of extra paint she had. I agreed to make it into something.

Laura enjoying her ice cream cone and holding mine whilst I take this lovely picture. I think my ice creams of choice where blueberry cheese cake and nutella. YES TOGETHER!

Overall it was a fun day out and felt productive! Thank You for stopping by!



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