Duality The Book

I thought I’d make a post about the project I’m getting involved with called Duality. Duality publishes a book and there so far have been two editions. The video above is a promo for the 3rd one ‘Peace’ is the theme. Writers submit their stories and given to illustrators whose style fits the work. Here is a quote from the about section of the website.

Duality Books is a collaboration between writers and illustrators to produce editions of books based on a central theme.
The aim is to promote – individually and collectively – work through the book by having it distributed to as many people as possible. Ways of achieving this include selling editions of the book through this website as well as bookshops, to sell e-versions of editions and to create a community of Duality contributors who can network with each other as well as with others to promote editions of the book and their own work.
To keep costs as low as possible (this whole project has to fund itself through sales of copies of the book) editions of the book – at present – are in print only. Editions haven’t been assigned an ISBN to reduce costs, which means they haven’t been published. Contributors don’t get paid – all work is given freely. Contributors profit from having their work in print as well as being online, from having something tangible for portfolios and CVs and from being part of the Duality community here and on Facebook. All the work put in by members of the community, regardless of how trivial it may seem, benefits everyone else and is also given freely. “

I first found out about the project from my friend and fellow Illustrator Jojo Norris who designed the cover fro Duality 2 and did a story illustration as well. The editor is looking for more people to get involved especially illustrators. I am looking  forward to getting a something to illustrate in this project. If your interested in getting involved as well. Then email the editor at: dualitythebook@live.co.uk  

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