Filament Magazine

On the podcast I listen to, Sex Is Fun, I heard a review for this magazine I hadn’t heard of  previously and straight away it sounded like the content I wanted from a magazine so straight away I went and bought the first three issues on a whim but came to a reasonable ten pounds.

I heard the story was that a woman wanted to make a comparison between men in pornography and men in erotica for her dissertation and she found that there wasn’t enough erotic photography to even do the comparison and so she started the magazine.

I think the pictures and illustrations in the magazine are great and very beautiful and show many people who are all very striking though for me personally I’m not forever drooling but I see the attractive qualities of each one and see their individual beauty. I was really sucked into buying it by the content. It makes me feel good that they express opinions some of which I share. Though it seems marketed at the heterosexual woman it really comes off as pansexual content which I really approve of.

I know I haven’t talked at length about the different articles that interested at me, I just kinda wanted to say I found this awesome and you should take a look. If you would like a better idea than I have given you I’d recommend listening to episode #212 of Sex Is Fun.

Filament Magazine

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  1. That does look good. In fact, it looks very much like somebody’s fantasy of what a magazine of that sort should look like, so I was pleased to see that it is actually real after all. 🙂

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