A different world


Day 21


This is an image I drew in my notebook awhile ago and it represents some of the ideas I had about a comic where the character was taken two a new world created by her mind, though she has no control of it and it is surprisingly hostile towards her, she may have some greater purpose here. This was a comic idea that I didn’t take much further but would really like to develop as a personal exploration and science-fiction comic but we will see I may come up with new ideas.

Today I made the epic journey down to Blackburn my home town which started with a mistake with trains but the supervisor signed us on to the next one so we waited a couple of hours getting highly caffeinated and giggly. We ate Quiche and rthe pastry was abit raw so we felt a bit sick and eventually we made it to my house around two o’clock and it’s been a nice afternoon. Hopefully I’m going to get out and about a bit see some friends and visit Manchester. I will be trying my hardest to update fortunately the family computer has a scanner and an older version of photo shop which suits my scanning and saving needs sufficiently.

I hope you are all well and thankyou for stopping by once again.

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