Day 19 & Day 20


I was kidnapped


I say I’m sorry now for no upload yesterday I went for a lovely journey to Fife got back Saturday evening and or door was jammed and we had to get someone to come get it open for us so i pretty much collapsed after that. I hope these posts make up for it. Tomorrow I am heading to Blackburn where I am from for family based christmas goodness. Should hopefully be quite good.

I was kidnapped by lesbian pirates from outer space great comic and really influenced me into thinking about doing a webcomic of my own, this comic is hilarious, sexy and really well drawn. It had the homage feel of old science fiction with a lot of contemporary ideas. I really have enjoyed a lot of this comic.

This is a comic over a few updates that someone has merged together. This is Three Panel Soul which has some cute and fuzzy moments and dark humoured moments. Overall a really funny comic and it comes highly recommended.

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