Liz Ely – Liztopia


Day 13- Liztopia


My friend Liz is also doing 100 days and she has given up alcohol and meat for 100 days which is pretty epic but definitely a worthwhile way to make her a better person. You can find her link on my blog roll a well. She is actually the person who brought the 100 days thing to may attention 100 days thing by having her big beef bender than I mentioned in my day 1 post.

Liz does a variety of things she does some stand up comedy, and writes on her comments on some current affairs she also does a podcast with her friend.  She also posts frequently about her 100 days and also she is generally awesome check out her blog.

Today is day 13 which is pretty exciting that it’s been nearly two weeks, it seems that they are flying by but also it makes time seem a fraction smaller as well. I hope that you all have  had a great weekends.

Thanks for stopping by.

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