Laurie Rowan – 100 Days


Laurie Rowan


I have been venturing the Twitter-verse and in the mass of 100 days to make me better person posts, I have found some gems of blogs and as I am doing links at the weekends I thought if I can I would show things that I would definitely recommend and if they are illustration based even better though there is at least one none illustration based one which will be appearing in the realm of the future.

Anyway, I found Laurie’s blog through twitter and for the 100 days he is doing an illustration and short story for 100 days and I really loving the stuff of their, there stories are really inventive and twist the mundane with snippets of the surreal. I really enjoy a short snappy story that where you aren’t overloaded with too much detail but get a sense of peoples lives but also with the unexpected elements in there. I dunno how to describe the illustration other than awesome, see above image from Day 6, which has the title Stroppy Dave about a guy finds his luck returning after a bad night of poker, so please go check out his blog and I hope you will enjoy it like I have.

Thanks for stopping by!

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