Book Of The Month


Day 11 - Book of the month


Today my lyrics project is to be handed in and overall I’m pretty happy with it I feel I’m slowly starting to find new ways of working and I think I will only find more and more ways to improve on my crafting of images.

Above is the image I did for Book of the month my favorite song on the album, it’s just audio erotica, it’s very sexy and the first time I listened to this album it definitely stood out and soon I was listening to it on repeat which never really happens to me but I was addicted the sexual feel of the song. I am happy I was a little more subtle in some of the images to make this one really stand out as abstract and explicit of the collection because of the fact the lyrics are not sexual but said in the context it sounds filthy which is probably why I adore this album so much, it captures a small part of my inspiration that contributes to my  overall collection of imagery.

I spent last night putting together the last bits of pieces to form it into a book and I shall hopefully upload some pictures of it in the future. I mentioned earlier that next week I will be working on my review work for midterm when I come back at the start of January so there will hopefully be some mirror shined images to show you guys of the work I’ve done over this last semester since the end of September.

Again I thank you for graciously for stopping by, your comments are welcome I would love to hear from people who stop by.

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