Lyrics – to catch a thief


Day 9 - To Catch a Thief - Lovage


I may have mentioned that I am working on my lyrics project this week which is due in on Friday and I thought I’d give you a look at the first finished one, it’s un edited for the moment and thought I’d just give it a quick scan and upload. I’m pretty  happy with it at the rest of the images seem to following on nicely. Similar but a bit different, different types of collage and colour schemes, I’d like to put a few more collage elements in some of the later ones but I really like the mixture of line work and layered up paint mixed with little bits of collage.

I am hoping I will get much better soon, I’m trying to not push my self too much but I have a lot to do, I needed the extra rest this morning so sadly I missed Tuesday morning life drawing. I also have my drawing surgery project to hand in on Monday so I have just been figuring out how i can bind it and I made a really nice folder this morning, I am sure I will take some pictures to show and some of the drawing I have done.

Next week I will be sorting out my midterm review which will be work that I have done over this term probably show some work that I did at the beginning of the year that I’ve improved for the review and this weekend I’m thinking of showing some people on the 10o days project whose work I’ve been admiring so far.

I hope your having a great day!

Thankyou for stopping by!

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