Licking your greasy spoon


Day 7 - Lyrics working in progress


Here is a an image from the lyrics project that I have been working on, there is a lot I like about it but I feel I need to work on it a bit more to finalize it, I did this with very little planning so it took a long time laying out more paint and waiting for it to dry. I really feel I have found potential in doing collage with paint and drawing with pen on top of, and I think there is room for more exploration, though I am on a race against time as the project is due in this Friday, a Friday which I am most looking forward to.

I am unfortunately working whilst ill this week, I spent yesterday off sick and spent it in bed, which was OK, I slept I played some Pokemon on Nintendo DS and ate some veggie pizza and lots of garlic bread. I am hoping to shrug it off soon! I hope your all feeling a lot better than me!

A busy week ahead I hope you stop by to see how I’m doing. Let me know how you’re doing also, your comments are welcomed!

Thank you for stopping by!

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4 Responses to Licking your greasy spoon

  1. Zuz says:


    Which Pokenom game do you play? I got Pearl 😛 Mabe we could trade sometime ^^ (Like all grownups do eh?!)

    I’m highly impressed with your willingness to do the 100 days thing! I might steal the idea… Or not. We’ll see 😉 I need some extra motivation to update my blog etc. 🙂

    See you prob tomorrow (not feeling well enough to turn up at collage today bah)



  2. I also have Pearl my boyfriend is playing through platinum, maybe we can trade to get things to evolve and stuff!

    Thanks Zuzanna, yeah I guess I felt sad that I didn’t update my blog anymore and starting this one got me excited about posting and especially as there are few others who seem to be doing illustration stuff to.

    I will see you later, nice plant on your desk by the way! I gave it a water it felt dry I hope thats OK.

  3. jim says:

    I like this, oh yes I do – can we have some more?

  4. Cheers Jim, I have some more coming along tomorrow and later on hopefully to, people seem to be enjoying them. 🙂

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