Day Four - Tableau



Day Four - Tableau


A few weeks ago I was set a group project called Tableau we had to create a series of images with one defining image of several elements of the story, in my groups we decided to each create a character and take them out and about and photograph them in various situations. Here are just a couple of the images taken, I couldn’t find the final edited images but these where just a couple I found amusing.

I had to say though my past experience with group projects had been really negative I had a really good time, as it got nearer the end of the project I grew weary but overall it was fun.

Last night I went to the Sciffy (Science-fiction and fantasy society), for my weekly dose of TV shows, we have been watching Tripods which is awful, we just finished Middleman, which is awesome and Tin man which is may of been great but it was a bit poorly executed still fairly watchable.

I do realized that I am coming down with something which displeases me as I have two projects in next week and would but rather been in bed asleep or in bed with a cup of tea and Pokemon Pearl or watching Startrek: Next Generation.

Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Hey lady,
    just wanted to say I’m really impressed by the diversity of the art you’ve posted up here, especially as it’s all been in the space of a few days (I think?). Just had a stroll through your posts today for the first time.

    Really neat. Thanks for posting 🙂
    Shelley x

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