Illustration Friday – Entangled


Day 3 - entangled


I thought I would submit an entry for illustration friday I read the word and had a thing and felt it was really just going to have fun doing something spontaneous and this came out, reminded me of when my hair was longer and it caused me no end of pain, now it’s shorter and much easier to manage and I feel it suits me a lot more.

Last night, I needed to  taste the hot steamy mulled wine on supply at the German market which  was expensive but I got an awesome mug out of it and I felt a bit festive then me and my boy went and had falafel, then I went to my friends Kat’s leaving doo shes travelling far all the way to New Zealand, I hope she has a magnificent time.

Want to keep it short and sweet as I have much to do for my project today but I am thinking of binding them into book form, vague forward planning is a bit stressful!

Thank you  for stopping by!

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