Stroker Ace - Sexy Cat Girl


Good Day to you fellow travellers of time and space,

Today I am in uni making images for my lyrics project set by Jonathan Gibbs in which we have to pick 5 songs and illustrate them, many have chosen a variety of artists and I have chosen 5 from just one album but it is an album I hold very close to me and was given to me by someone very close to me around a year ago, my now partner Alex.

The songs have a lot of sexual themes, at the moment i’m just working through my ideas, the above image is an idea from a song called Stroker Ace. Which is a song which gives me  the idea of the allure of a cat, the idea of how they are affectionate and like to be cared for but also ver independent sexual creatures, but I see it also applied to the idea of sexual play among humans.

I have looked into sexuality an bondage somewhat in my previous work and try to take hold of the positive ideas of sexual enjoyment whatever that may be, even if we don’t understand what people are into this doesn’t mean we should instantly put them in the weirdo category.


Pit Stop - Hitchhiker


Here is some experiementation I did last night on the lyrics project for another song, this image is alot more innocent but I think I am going to experiement further with collage in this project because I do find it really exciting, this is a cobination of layered acrylic paint put out and then black calligraphy tipped pen.

I feel Pit Stop is about a woman driving at night and picking up a stranger for a ride, and the two people just click, they feel like they are falling in love, the idea of these moments of passion and lust taking over in a very short period of time is a reality for many people and it’s often a shock when it happens so unexpectly to you. The song also goes into things that arn’t very sexual being put into a sexy sounding context for example ‘licking your greasy spoon.’

Hope you all have amazing days!

Thankyou for stopping by.


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