Today is the first day on 100 days to make me a better person my pledge was…For a 100 days I will…update my illustration blog. After posting on my previous blog about me relaunch my other teacher Jim McBride decided to join in and his pledge is to go on a illustrated imaginary journey which he will be posting up on his site.

After finally lifting myself out of bed this morning feeling not hungover but quesy from the small amount of meat and maybe the mixture of ginger wine and gin and tonic from Liz’s Big Beef Bender, which was a good time but I think everyones energy on a monday night was pretty low I was however awake enough to not play the ‘How many times I can nod off in a pub game’ which is a challenge I am usually very  good at.

I had a fairly early start of 9 am in which we had Harvey Dingwall one of my teachers at the Edinburgh College of Art. Now I have never really felt confident about life drawing but in the last couple of weeks I feel much improvement in general and I’ve been really enjoying it instead of getting as frustrated as I was getting in previous years. I never did any life drawing at my previous college as it was a Graphic Design course.

This morning consisted of a bunch of fairy normals poses but then we raided costume and got some military style gear and the model got dressed up, we also did a piece which was we drew on it for a couple of minutes and passed it on two the person to the left, some of the results where pretty interesting looking I like some of the elements of mine but I think I preferred everybody elses as they got interesting multi layering of figures washes and colours.

Thank you for stopping by!

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