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Hello all visitors,

Thankyou for stopping by in the first post of my brand new blog, I have tried blogging in the past I joined the 100 days to make me a better person in order to create a new energy and I said for ‘100 days I would update my illustration blog’ from the 1st of December. So this is how it is, I will update with work in progress, finished work, interesting links and blogs and things I find inspiring.

This found out about this project from my friend Liz, who you can find at Liztopia her very awesome blog. She is also taking part shes giving up meat and alcohol, tonight she is hosting a Big Beef Bender in which both meat and alcohol will be consumed in it’s epic quantities which I will be partaking in atleast half off.

I am currently working on work for a lyrics project which will include work from the band Lovage whose music is quite interested, funky and sexy. I was given this music by a person I love very much and it has fueled a lot of imagery that I will be posting shortly! I am also working on an ongoing drawing project which includes me  practising life drawing in places around and about I did some drawing in Fife inside flats and cafes and outside of mountains and things and also in Edinburgh cafes such at The Forest Cafe which is volunteer run but does great coffee and food and puts on lots of free events.

Hope that you stick around for my 100 day journey and hopefully beyond

3 thoughts on “Welcome and 100 Days

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  1. Good luck, Laura.

    This 100 days thing sounds exciting. I don’t know if I could settle on one thing to do every day that I’d be able to stick to, so I’m gonna chicken out… perhaps two things, on alternating days would be acceptable. Hm.

    Either way, I’ll be following your updates to inspire me in my own endeavours!

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